Membrillo San Lorenzo

~ Membrillo San Lorenzo | Quince jam and jellies ~

In Membrillo San Lorenzo, we´re specialists in quince jam and jellies since 1942. Give it a try to all of our products, like the homemade quince jam.

Membrillo San Lorenzo is a company from Puente Genil (Córdoba) specialized in the elaboration of quince jam and jellies, to which we have been dedicating from more than seventy years ago.

Apart from our quince jam and jellies, all of them prepared from the best selected quinces from country estates from Puente Genil, In Membrillo San Lorenzo we also elaborate other products derived from quince and other fruits.

First of all, our specialty: quince jelly of the highest quality, which you´ll find in different sizes, from our small tubs of 350 grams to our popular printed tins containing almost six kilograms of first class quince jelly.

In addition, we put at the disposal of our customers quince jam and quince flesh, in case the customer wants a more personal elaboration

In Membrillo San Lorenzo we also take into account those customers who due to different reasons don´t want to consume sugary products. For that reason, in our catalogue, you´ll find sugarless quince jelly along with the light quince jelly with a much more reduced caloric value.

And of course, you must also try our homemade quince jelly or jam, elaborated with a recipe inherited from our ancestors: a homemade quince jelly, with its usual taste.

Finally, but not for that reason less important, we would like to stand out our fruit sweets as well, a healthy and tasty products.