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A healthy sweet quince - Membrillo San Lorenzo
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We will soon be collecting our harvest quinces, the raw material of our sweet. A healthy fruit and becomes a sweet with excellent properties for our body. Sweet and quince San Lorenzo cream is produced by mixing pulps quince three distinct varieties. Each brings to our sweet different attributes that give it its flavor and texture so particular.

In San Lorenzo quince grow three varieties of quince, quince fruit Giant Wranja large, with lots of meat, which gives us great performance in pulp required in the manufacturing process. To add texture and flavor we use two varieties other than the Quince Champion Shaped like apple that gives us greater aromatic qualities, it tastes very sweet, and our star the Common Quince is widely grown in our area is smaller but at the same time the most sweet, aromatic and better texture of all varieties of quince their skin is golden and fragrant pulp.


The secret of the exquisite taste of our products, is able to combine and balance the mix of these three varieties of quince. This is something we have achieved through various studies on the composition of quince and thanks to the experience gained over more than seventy years producing a unique product, which makes us position ourselves as leaders in quality and offer an unmatched product .

This dedication to the cultivation results in a fine pulp quince, fundamental to develop our sweet and our cream of quince, with a quality much appreciated by our consumer base.

Healthy fruit quince

The healthy properties of quince are due to its abundance in fiber (pectin and mucilages) and tannins, substances that give it its astringent property par excellence. It also contains malic acid, organic acid that forms part of the plant pigment that gives flavor to the fruit, with disinfectant property and promote the elimination of uric acid. It is rich in potassium, a necessary generation and transmission of nerve impulses and normal muscle activity, is involved in mineral water balance inside and outside the cell.

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The quince a healthy food for all ages

The acid and astringent quince flavor makes it inedible natural, therefore traditionally since ancient times, the most common form of consumption is transformed into quince jelly, a product that brings added sugar, so in this way is not recommended for those with diabetes, hypertriglyceridemia and overweight, unless the sugar is replaced with non-caloric sweeteners.

quince range of sugarfree

For these people, in Membrillo San Lorenzo we have created a range of products in both sweet and creams quince sugar and gluten that suits your needs as Quince sugarless, our Quince with Fructose and Quince Light (low calorie).

Dulce de membrillo Light

In addition to the products of quince in its most classic recipes in Membrillo San Lorenzo manufacture a variety of sweets and creams from other fruits, all made without gluten, so its consumption is suitable for coeliacs in a handy format 150 g.


The combined sweet quince with cottage cheese, fresh cheese or nuts is a very healthy lunches and snacks smaller alternative. If taken together with crackers, toast or nuts is an energy snack for people who need an extra intake of calories, like athletes, people with anorexia secondary to various diseases or who want or need to gain weight.

The quince has been traditionally used in diet therapy for its astringent and tonic on intestinal mucosal properties. Numerous fruit seeds contain abundant mucilage, a soluble fiber, which is also in the carpels cartilage and is used in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Quince pulp stands out for its pectin content, soluble fiber that exerts various physiological functions, which makes the very interesting quinces in different situations or illnesses. A pectin is attributed beneficial effects in case of diarrhea by reducing intestinal transit to retain water. This action joins the quince rich in tannins, substances with astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. Tannins desinflaman dried and intestinal mucosa (inside layer lining the digestive tract), so that consumption of ripe or as sweet quince is effective in the treatment of diarrhea. Moreover, pectin pH increases (decreases acidity) to reach the well mixed acid and neutralized with food and fiber itself, so consumption quince is indicated if gastric (stomach can, gastritis, disorders gastroduodenal …) ulcer. A wealth in pectin, joins the abundant malic acid in its pulp, mucous exerted on regulatory and toning actions. In addition, the soluble fiber form viscous gels that fix the fat and cholesterol, thus reducing the absorption of these substances, and this is positive in case of hypercholesterolemia.

Because of its high potassium content and low in sodium, the quince is recommended for those suffering from high blood pressure or blood vessel disease and heart, not associated with excess weight. However, its consumption must take account of people suffering from kidney failure and who require special diets controlled in this mineral. However, those who take diuretics that eliminate potassium and people with bulimia; due to self-induced vomiting episodes that cause large losses of this mineral, it suits the consumption of quince.


Finally we invite you to eat quince always moderately as it is a food with a scientifically proven health claims. We also invite you to follow us here on our blog or through our profiles on social networks facebook, twitter or google plus.

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