Grilled quails with quince and mushrooms

Grilled quails with quince and mushrooms - Membrillo San Lorenzo
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This recipe with quince is very simple and easy to prepare. Besides, it includes all the healthy properties of quince, which are being a product rich in fiber, astringent, elimination of uric acid and a decrease in high blood pressure.

Clean properly the quails and remove the feathers by burning them. Add some salt and pepper both inside and outside. Preheat the oven at 200ºC, put in the quails with the legs tied together and bake them until they become well browned (15´). Carve them up and keep them in heat. While the quail is still in the oven, we will prepare some sautéed mushrooms and vegetables to accompany it. Cut the San Lorenzo quince jelly into several pieces and add them to the quail. Use the roast sauce to accompany the quail as well. To give an aromatic touch to the quail, you can also add some aromatic herbs inside the quail before putting it into the oven.

You can also use this recipe with San Lorenzo sugarless light quince and without losing the taste of our San Lorenzo quince.

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