Mussels with light quince jam and aioli

Mussels with light quince jam and aioli - Membrillo San Lorenzo
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Today we want to introduce you a recipe in which we combine mollusk, being in this case a mussel, with light quince jam. This recipe is perfect for dinners, light lunches or even as a starter; besides, the preparation itself is simple and offers a new way to consume the quince.

Boil the potato and cut it up into thin slices; you can also grill them at 200ºC until they become crunchy, then season them with some Mandon salt or coarse salt.
Clean up the mussels, put them into a steamer in one liter of fish fumet with parsley. Cook them on a low heat and take them away as soon as these mussels open. Then, wait until the flesh becomes tepid and take them away.
Now for the aioli, peel up the cloves of garlic, split them into two pieces, remove the green germ and mince them.
Put some salt and the garlic into a beater, start beating until getting a thick mass. Add the egg or the yolk to the preparation and keep beating, add some oil slowly and keep beating until the mass emulsifies. Cut up the San Lorenzo light quince jelly into triangles.


For the baked potato: 2 big potatoes, 6 spoonfuls of olive oil and some Maldon or coarse salt.
For the steamed mussels: 0.5 kg of mussels, 1 liter of fish fumet or soup, 1 bouquet of sparsely.
San Lorenzo Light quince Jam in triangles
For the egged aioli: 3 peeled garlic cloves, 1 dl of extra virgin olive oil, 1 yolk or 1 whole egg, water and half a spoon of salt.
Some chive leaves for the final presentation

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