San Lorenzo

Catalogue of products

Find out in the catalogue of products of Membrillo San Lorenzo our wide variety of quince jellies, sweets and jams

In Membrillo San Lorenzo we put at the disposal of our clients a wide catalogue of products elaborated with the best selection of quinces and other fruits.

In this way, our Extra Quince Jam stands out in its different ways of presentation, elaborated from fruits especially selected for reasons of size and taste and from which the heart is removed after being peeled to make the purity of the flesh, incomparable.

We are experts in the known First Class Quince Jelly, which is prepared with select and peeled fruits.
Along with our Homemade Quince Jelly, which is elaborated by following our ancestors´ recipe, we also want to stand out other varieties such as the Light Quince Jelly (low in calories), sugarless Quince Jelly, our Quince Jelly with fructose and the Quince Jam.

At the same time we elaborate Quince products in its more classic recipes, in Membrillo San Lorenzo we also produce a great variety of jellies and jams coming from other fruits, all of them elaborated free from gluten, making its consumption possible for celiac people .As a result, our customers will be able to enjoy our San Lorenzo First Class Apple Jelly, our San Lorenzo First Class Lemon-Taste Fruit sweet and the Three-Taste Fruit sweet (kiwi, orange and strawberry)