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Cheese and quince jam salad

Cheese and quince jam salad - Membrillo San Lorenzo
14/02/2020 0 Comentarios
A tasty and rich in calcium salad which is perfect to accompany other plates. Use a mezclum of fresh buds and wash them up in cold water during several minutes. Drain properly. Prepare some slices of goat rolls previously caramelized. Cut the quince jam into pieces or laminas. Prepare the vinaigrette by mixing up some virgin olive oil with some Modena balsamic vinegar and a bit of iodized salt and pepper. Dress the mezclum with the vinaigrette in a bowl to mix everything up properly. Divide it on the different plates by adding the pieces of quince jam, the walnuts and the roll cheese.

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Mussels with light quince jam and aioli

Mussels with light quince jam and aioli - Membrillo San Lorenzo
14/02/2020 0 Comentarios
Today we want to introduce you a recipe in which we combine mollusk, being in this case a mussel, with light quince jam. This recipe is perfect for dinners, light lunches or even as a starter; besides, the preparation itself is simple and offers a new way to consume the quince. Boil the potato and cut it up into thin slices; you can also grill them at 200ºC until they become crunchy, then season them with some Mandon salt or coarse salt. Clean up the mussels, put them into a steamer in one liter of fish fumet with parsley. Cook them on a low heat and take them away as soon as these...

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Cheese cake with quince jam and lemon, apple and fruit sweet

Cheese cake with quince jam and lemon, apple and fruit sweet - Membrillo San Lorenzo
11/02/2016 2 Comentarios
An ideal and basic dessert for getting started in the world of pastry-making and sweets. Really tasty and elaborated with natural fruit sweets. Ingredients: 50 grams of liquid cream 200 grams of Philadelphia cheese. 200 dl of milk. 160 grams of sugar. 70 grams of margarine. 350 grs. of San Lorenzo fruit sweet (kiwi, strawberry and orange). 350 grs. San Lorenzo lemon sweet 350 grs. San Lorenzo Apple sweet. 2 packets of junket. 1 Packet of Maria cookies. The first step of this recipe is putting all the ingredients (with the exception of the cookies and the...

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Cherry brochette with fresh cheese and quince jam

Cherry brochette with fresh cheese and quince jam - Membrillo San Lorenzo
16/07/2015 0 Comentarios
Amaze your guests with this brochette recipe at your meetings and events. It is a fresh and easy-digesting brochette. It combines and provides your presentations on the table with color. Take the cherry tomatoes, wash them up in cold water, cut them up into two halves, take some fresh cheese and extra San Lorenzo quince jam and cut them up into squares of equal size to the cherries. Start by adding to the brochette one half of the tomato, secondly a square of cheese and then a square of quince jam, put some watercress leaves in between to add more fresh. Spray the brochette with some...

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Grilled quails with quince and mushrooms

Grilled quails with quince and mushrooms - Membrillo San Lorenzo
09/06/2015 0 Comentarios
This recipe with quince is very simple and easy to prepare. Besides, it includes all the healthy properties of quince, which are being a product rich in fiber, astringent, elimination of uric acid and a decrease in high blood pressure. Clean properly the quails and remove the feathers by burning them. Add some salt and pepper both inside and outside. Preheat the oven at 200ºC, put in the quails with the legs tied together and bake them until they become well browned (15´). Carve them up and keep them in heat. While the quail is still in the oven, we will prepare some sautéed...

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Quince canapés

Quince canapés - Membrillo San Lorenzo
22/12/2014 2 Comentarios

A pleasant and simple way to present some cold starters are the pâté or goat cheese toasts and vol-au-vents with quince jelly.

We can use different kinds of pâtés in the preparation of your canapés such as Iberian, champagne, salmon, tuna, fines herbs…by combining them with toasts with San Lorenzo quince jelly or quince jam cut into small pieces or buttered on them as well. Another excellent combination is the homemade quince jelly made of goat cheese, with an exquisite taste and a very soft texture. You can use the goat cheese in pieces or also in jam and buttered. A way to...

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