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In MEMBRILLO SAN LORANZO, you´re the one in control of your personal information and we will never sell to third parties or will take advantage of your personal data in a disloyal or illegitimate way. We will always use the information provided by you for the most legitimate and strict purposes of our activity in a clear way and always trying not to underestimate or infringing any right or interest concerning you.
The present Privacy Policy has been written according to the principles and rules approved by the Law (UE) 2016/679, dated on April 27th, known as General Regulations of Data Protection or “RGPD”. We consider of extreme importance to provide you with this information as well as your fully understanding of it, therefore, we have tried to use a both clear and simple language and only the indispensable legal terms.

  • ¿Who is responsable for the treatment or your information?Owner´s name: SUCCESSORS OF LORENZO ESTEPA AGUILAR S.A, from now and on, “MEMBRILLO SAN LORENZO” or “the person responsible for the treatment”. Tax address: Estepa-Guadix road Km.18,3 Puente Genil (Córdoba) – ESPAÑA
    ID: A14052807
    Phone number: 957 600 296
    DATA REGISTRATION COMMERCIAL REGISTRY: Commercial Registry from Córdoba. Sheet 43, volume 218, page 3637. 1st inscription.


  • ¿Which are the data treated by the company? MEMBRILLO SAN LORENZO gathers the minimal possible amount of personal data in order to perform the provision of the corresponding service while meeting the requirements of the principle of minimization of data from the RGPD. Such data are the ones gathered via the different forms of data collection provided by the web at every moment, including among them, for example, the data form to perform a purchase, or the contact form. The company, at the moment of gathering the personal data via this web, will inform about which of the personal data are required in order to access to the different services. Your refusal to provide the required data will imply, in turn, the impossibility of providing you with the goods or services from the company or even attending your request as an interested party. Moreover, MEMBRILLO SAN LORENZO will keep the personal data gathered during the minimal indispensable time, in any case, for the compliance with the legal obligations in relation to the collection of such data.
    The purpose of the treatment of the personal data collected as a result of the use of this website are both getting in touch with the user as well as the provision of the service requested by the customers through the shop online


  • ¿How will MEMBRILLO SAN LORENZO attend the interested parties in relation to the exercise of their rights and which are these rights?MEMBRILLO SAN LORENZO will make easier the exercise of your rights related to the protection of personal data, through the procedures and ways which will be visible, accessible and simple. The company will also allow the presentation of request forms via electronic ways, and accompanying the form with a copy of your ID, to the next email: If MEMBRILLO SAN LORENZO chooses not to attend an application, it must be informed, along with the reason of the refusal, within one month from the date of the presentation
    The rights as interested party or personal data´s owner are as following:
  • Access right: you have the right to receive the confirmation from the company of the treatment or not of the personal data concerning you. Membrillo San Lorenzo will provide you with a copy of the personal data that are being subject of treatment.
    Rectification right: you have the right to obtain, without improper delay, the rectification of the inexact personal data of your concern.
    Elimination right: you have the right to obtain, without improper delay, the elimination of the inexact personal data of your concern.
    Treatment limitation right: as long as the treatment for your personal data has been limited in virtue of an application from your side, such data will be only object of treatment, with the exception of its keeping, with your consent or for the formulation, the exercise or the defense of complaints, or looking to another natural o legal entity`s rights or due to reasons of important public interest.
    Disagreement right: you have the right to be in disagreement at any moment, for reasons related to your personal circumstances, with the treatment of personal data of your concern due to public interests or to legitimate interests of the person responsible for the treatment
  • Modification of the privacy policyWith the purpose of implementing in MEMBRILLO SAN LORENZO the principle or proactive and constant compliance of the legislation related to data protection, as well as meeting the requirement of transparency, it´s possible that we may change the present Privacy Policy from time to time. Therefore, we encourage the personal data owners, who are obviously concerned about their privacy, the consultation of the Policy with frequency. Nonetheless, Membrillo San Lorenzo will make the necessary efforts to inform the data owners in relation to any significant modification in this Privacy Statement with direct repercussion in the rights and interest of such personal data owners.
  • More information about privacy in MEMBRILLO SAN LORENZO
    In order to answer any question yet to be solved related to the reading of the current Privacy Policy, the personal data owner can get in touch with company via the next email: or also via the zip code of the company..