San Lorenzo

Quince varieties: only quality


In Membrillo San Lorenzo, we use three quince varieties to elaborate our quince jam (Huge Wranja, Champion and Common) to offer the best quality.


In Membrillo San Lorenzo, quality is our maximum priority. For that reason, we strive every day and in every step of the elaboration process of our products to offer our customers only the best of the market around.

In our country estates, from which around the 50% of our production comes from, we count on experts who periodically check the crops and who provide the trees with the organic and nourishing elements that quince requires in every moment and which are essential for its normal growing.

Two months before the harvest, which usually starts at the end of September, it´s established a security period in which nutrients are no longer provided. In this way, quince arrives at our facilities with its natural and original features in terms of incomparable scent and taste.

The rest of quinces that we use for our production come from crops from the area. In order to ensure the quality of the product and to select exclusively the best exemplars, they come along their field notebook, which guarantees that their farming process is the same one that we apply in our country estates, allowing us, in turn, to control the production process from the very beginning

For the elaboration of our quince jam and jelly, in Membrillo San Lorenzo we use three different varieties of this fruit:

  • Huge Wranja Quince: it´s a fruit of large size, with a large quantity of flesh, which increases the efficiency during the industrial process.
  • Champion quince: This variety is characterized by its medium size but with better aromatic features and taste
  • Common Quince: amply farmed in our area, it´s the smallest and sweetest one, the most aromatic and the one with the best texture among all the other varieties.

The secret of the exquisite taste of our products consists of knowing how to mix and balance the mixture of these three quince varieties. This is something that we have achieved through different studies about quince composition and thanks to the experience gained over more than seventy years in this market, which make us stand as leaders in quality and offer an incomparable product.

This dedication to the farming results in an exquisite quince flesh, being this one the essential ingredient to elaborate our quince jelly and jam, with a high quality that our consumers thank for sure.

In our product catalogue, the Extra Quince Jam stands out. This product comes from selected fruits which are peeled and from which the heart is removed to make their taste incomparable.

In the same way, our Homemade Quince Jelly also stands out, being this last one elaborated by following the steps of the homemade quince recipe written by our ancestors, resulting in a high quality and 100% natural product.