San Lorenzo

Puente Genil, cradle of quince


quince jam comes from Puente Genil (Córdoba), where Membrillo San Lorenzo is dedicated to the elaboration of this product since 1.942

Even though quince was firstly originated in Babylonia and that receives its name (Cydonia Oblonga) from Greeks, due to the large production of this product in the city of Cydon; quince jelly itself comes from Spain, and more specifically, from the municipality of Puente Genil (Córdoba)

In the south countryside from Cordoba, Puente Genil is considered as the quince jelly cradle, thanks to the perfect climate conditions of this area which benefit the farming of the fruit.

Therefore, throughout history, there have been many companies from Puente Genil dedicated to its production. Among them, Membrillo San Lorenzo is one of the few ones that continues working until today.

The history of Membrillo San Lorenzo begins in 1.942, when Don Lorenzo Estepa Aguilar decided to create a group of companies dedicated to several professional sectors in Puente Genil (Córdoba). Obviously, among them was the food industry, including within this last one the elaboration and marketing of quince jelly.

More than seventy years later, we are the descendents of this great entrepreneur and the ones who are still in charge of this familiar and traditional company.

After all these years, we are proud to claim that the quality of our products is not the only one purpose of the company, but also our identity sign, and this is because talking about Membrillo San Lorenzo means talking about prestige and alimentary excellence.

In order to succeed, we control the entire production process, from our country estates in Puente Genil and the ones of our providers, to the arrival of the fruit at our industrial facilities.

In the countryside, there´s a teamwork of experts which is composed by specialists and farmers of renowned prestige and who monitor and advise us about the different actions to perform in relation to our plantations: pruning, watering and treatments, with the corresponding safety margin so the quince arrives at our facilities in perfect conditions for its transformation into quince jelly.

In Membrillo San Lorenzo, we also take into account one of the most important aspects of our company: people. For that reason, we have developed a detailed policy of continuous training for all our workers.

In the same way, and always looking for the elaboration of the best product, we have modern facilities of 20.000 m2 outside Puente Genil (Córdoba), which are equipped with the best technician equipments to accept, with guarantees of success, the challenge of an every time more demanding and globalized market. All of it aiming to the internationalization of our company: a challenge that we are already facing