San Lorenzo

Our products: taste and health

In Membrillo San Lorenzo we are proud of our products: a great source of taste and health

In Membrillo San Lorenzo, we have been more than seventy years dedicated to quince farming and to the elaboration of the different recipes coming from this fruit.


The exquisite taste which makes all of our products unmistakable is only possible thanks to the meticulous attention in each one of the details of the production process: from the countryside to your table.

In this way, our Extra Quince Jam is elaborated from specially selected fruits for reasons of size and taste, and from which the heart is removed after being peeled so the purity of the flesh becomes incomparable

We are experts in the known First Class Quince Jelly, which is prepared with select and peeled fruits. Apart from our Homemade Quince Jelly, we also want to stand out other varieties such as the Light Quince Jelly (low in calories), sugarless Quince Jelly, our Quince Jelly with Fructose and the Quince Jam.

In addition to the quince products in their most classic recipes, in Membrillo San Lorenzo we elaborate a great variety of sweets and jams coming from other fruits, all of them free from gluten, making its consumption possible for celiac people. Therefore, our clients will be able to enjoy our San Lorenzo First Class Apple Sweet, our San Lorenzo First Class Lemon Taste Fruits Jelly and the Three-tasted Fruits sweet (kiwi, orange and strawberry).


But quince, in any of its preparation ways, such as the quince jelly or jam, is not only an exquisite food but a source of health as well.

Quince is a fruit with low levels of sugar and carbohydrates, making its caloric value low. However, in the ways in which it is elaborated, it is highly nourishing and beneficial for health.

It´s an ideal food to be combined with fresh or cottage cheese, as well as with dried fruits and nuts or toasts in those cases in which it may be necessary an extra caloric intake, like in the case of athletes or people with lack of appetite due to any kind of disease.


Among its healthy properties for the organism, we can include:

– Astringent. Due to its large amount of pectin, it´s highly beneficial in cases of diarrhea or gastroenteritis since it favors the stimulation of the liver and stops vomiting. In addition, it increases the appetite. Likewise, and for being rich in tannins, it´s very effective in the treatment of these digestive diseases by reducing the inflammation of the digestive conducts.

– Elimination of uric acid. Quince contains malic acid, an organic acid which, apart from providing the fruit with a characteristic taste, adds a disinfectant property to the fruit which favors, in turn, the elimination of uric acid. This is especially beneficial in cases of renal disease.

– Reduction of high blood pressure. By elaborating quince as a jelly, there´s an increase in its content of potassium. This aspect, along with its low level in sodium, makes it a food especially indicated for people with high blood pressure or with any other kind of disease related to heart or blood vessels.

– Expectorant. Grilled quince has expectorant properties as well, and as a result, its consumption is recommended in cases of bronchitis, asthma, coughing or colds.