Cheese cake with quince jam and lemon, apple and fruit sweet

Cheese cake with quince jam and lemon, apple and fruit sweet - Membrillo San Lorenzo
11/02/2016 2 Comentarios

An ideal and basic dessert for getting started in the world of pastry-making and sweets. Really tasty and elaborated with natural fruit sweets.


50 grams of liquid cream

200 grams of Philadelphia cheese.

200 dl of milk.

160 grams of sugar.

70 grams of margarine.

350 grs. of San Lorenzo fruit sweet (kiwi, strawberry and orange).

350 grs. San Lorenzo lemon sweet

350 grs. San Lorenzo Apple sweet.

2 packets of junket.

1 Packet of Maria cookies.

The first step of this recipe is putting all the ingredients (with the exception of the cookies and the margarine), into a beater to mix them up until to get a texture similar to the one from a purée.

Next, we have to cook this mixture on a low heat until boiling; once done, we take it away from the fire. Now, add the cookies to the beater along with some margarine and mix everything up. We´ll continue by spreading the mixture on the basis of a mould while ensuring that everything´s well pressed up. Once this step is done, we have spill the first mixture on the upper part and finally, put the plate into the fridge to cool it down.

Once it´s cold, we only need to cover it up with thin slices of San Lorenzo apple or lemon sweet to your liking. We can decorate the serving by accompanying it with some San Lorenzo three-taste fruit sweet of kiwi, strawberry and orange.

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  1. Dear Sir/Madan,

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      Dear Sir Steve.
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